Tuesday, July 6, 2010



Nelson Ng上机前给我打了一同电话。跟我说了很多话,也从中提醒我。有关sdyouth & sdcf的事情。他说了一些在FB都有关的话:eh eh....just the group of sd youth not there....but you all are still sd youth...our commit nv change. further more I nv say I left you all.....just bcos the group is not there so I m not in charge, so I will follow my other calling....I am always your teacher and nv say u o cnt look for me like last time right? I can be invited to be speaker when you all needed. nt count as u o is paying wth ur life.....wen i start camp I will stil invite u o 2 come n share n help others....that is still our mission. so remember "seize the day".....。他也鼓励我在这段时间。我挣扎挣扎再挣扎当我在投票的时候,但是神带领我到别一路去。要我学习!学习!学习!


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